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Portrait Gernot Wagner

Gernot Wagner, Dr. phil. nat.

Born in 1943, graduated in biochemistry

Since my youth I have been fascinated by the nature with its beauties and all things, which attract and thrill the view of the eyes. A camera had always accompanied me during these years in order to catch in a preferably genuine manner moments considered exciting, impressive, contemplative or cheerful.

Initially, everything happened in black and white in my own darkroom, subsequently the impressions acquired turned into color. My pronounced inclination towards perfection turned in the late nineties to the process of transferring the images acquired from analog into the digital world of the computer.

Digital photography with an established workflow on the computer along with a strict color management process starting at the monitor via the printer until print out on premium fine art papers is now bringing me close to what I am targeting at.

I am aware that not for every image absolutely perfect light conditions prevail and the best location for the view is selected. One does not have always a year or more time to find the very best moment. As an advocate of the snapshot in time I draw the maximum of the photographic object at that time, once I see it. In the subsequent workflow of the RAW image on the computer, I optimize shot without altering the essence. A state of the art print is finally the culmination of the work.